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Created 4-Dec-06
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The Rabbit House is an old farmhouse in the middle of the forest near a small village called Nova Ves. Its in the countryside in the Czech Republic where I grew up.
This house had a long history and it had a long trial as well. It was officially condemned to a slow death in 1992 when its deed was signed over to Mr.Y. Ever since that day the house gained scratches and aged hundreds of years in a short amount of time. Grass and the trees grew high over the walls. The Rabbit House died but became alive after its death. It gained beauty and carries hundreds of rainbows inside.
Beauty is a personal decision…
I like things that are old; they attract me for the qualities they have gained over the years. They don’t rush me to admire them. They allow me time to discover their beauty and my love for them. In the heart is where beauty starts…